Gill Pomfret

Gill’s research interests and published work predominantly focuses on consumer behaviour in tourism although she has investigated other areas of tourism. Key themes include adventure tourism, motives encouraging adventure activity participation and wellbeing benefits, constraint negotiation, adventure tourism experiences, family tourists, senior tourists, heritage tourism, temporal variations in tourism, and gender. Gill’s other publications include journal articles and book chapters on adventure tourists, including mountaineering tourists and family adventure tourists, environmental tourists, and tourism planning. Additionally, she has been involved in various consultancy projects, including working with Sheffield City Council to develop The Outdoor City brand. Gill also collaborates with researchers at other universities on projects concerned with the wellbeing benefits of outdoor tourism participation, and inclusive outdoor tourism. When not working, Gill enjoys running and hiking in her local Peak District National Park.

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Susan Houge Mackenzie

Susan Houge Mackenzie is in the University of Otago Department of Tourism in Dunedin, New Zealand. She investigates links between adventure and psychological well-being across tourism, recreation, and education contexts using psychological frameworks (e.g., self-determination theory, flow theory). Susan’s interests in outdoor adventure, sport, and psychological well-being stem from her experiences as a whitewater riversurfing guide in New Zealand, the US and Chile, and as a competitive soccer player. Her work currently focuses on (1) nature-based adventure and well-being for tourists, guides, and host communities, (2) (over)tourism in Queenstown, New Zealand, the ‘home of adventure’, and (3) links between microadventures, physical activity, and psychological well-being during COVID-19 lockdowns. Additional projects include investigating how outdoor adventure can promote engagement and intrinsic motivation in physical activity and science education. In addition to her role with the Adventure Tourism Research Association, she serves on the International Advisory Board for the Journal of Adventure Education and Outdoor Learning, as an Associate Editor for the Journal of Outdoor Recreation, Education and Leadership, and on the Tourism Central Otago Advisory Board.

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Manuel Sand

Manuel Sand is a Professor for Outdoor sports and Adventure management at the University of Applied Management in Treuchtlingen, Germany. He is academic director of the Adventure Campus and course administrator for the degree in Outdoor sports and Adventure management. His research interests include adventure tourism, mountain bike tourism, well-being and adventure activities, nature protection and outdoor sports, and the effects of experiential learning in the outdoors.

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Jasmine Goodnow

Jasmine is an Associate Professor of Recreation Management and Leadership at Western Washington University where she teaches courses in sustainable tourism, inclusive recreation services, and eco-adventure— a study abroad course to destinations such as Costa Rica, Peru, South Africa, New Zealand and Alaska. Her research focuses on transformational travel and the construction of liminality, and microadventure as a form of sacred, inclusive, and sustainable travel. She enjoys presenting her research at conferences around the world, such as the International Adventure Conference, The International Ecotourism Conference, and Sacred Journeys: Religious Tourism and Pilgrimage. Her research is published in academic journals such as Tourism Review International, International Journal of Religious Tourism and Pilgrimage, Journal of Travel and Tourism Research, and Leisure/Loisir: The Journal of the Canadian Association of Leisure Studies. In her free time, Jasmine enjoys traveling, bicycle touring, and hiking.

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Steve Taylor

Dr Steve Taylor heads the Centre for Recreation and Tourism Research at the University of the Highlands and Islands, on the west coast of Scotland. He currently works with international partners on eight multi-national tourism projects, on a range of subjects from wellbeing and adventure tourism to maritime cultural heritage.  His latest projects examine ways to help tourism SMEs navigate their way through crisis and the development of a transnational brand and identity for scientific tourism products.  He is the Treasurer of Wild Scotland, a director of Slow Adventure Ltd and has been involved in the co-organisation of every International Adventure Conference since the very start. When he finds the time, his research and publication interests span adventure tourism motivations, maritime cultural narratives and nature-based tourism.

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Outi Rantala

Outi Rantala is an Associate Professor of Responsible Arctic Tourism at the University of Lapland, in the Multidimensional Tourism Institute/Faculty of Social Sciences. In her research, Outi applies environmental social science approaches in tourism contexts. Currently she leads a research project, which concentrates on envisioning proximity tourism with new materialism. In addition to the Adventure Tourism Research Association, Outi is also an active member of the UArctic Thematic Network on Northern Tourism and Sustainable Change Research Network.

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Darío Pérez-Brunicardi

Darío Pérez-Brunicardi, is an associate professor of the Faculty of Education in Segovia (University of Valladolid, Spain). He teaches and researches about Outdoor Physical Education and Early Childhood Outdoor Learning. His principal aim is to help teachers to take the plunge, cross the door, and go outside with their children, disconnecting from screens, and reconnecting with nature.
He is the coordinator of Spanish Network for Outdoor Physical Education (REEFNAT) and he was the local organizer of the chilly Spanish IAC’18. From 1995, he has been Outdoor Education leader and mountain sports coach in his company, Areva Valsaín, and other institutions.

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Adele Doran

Adele’s academic background lies in tourism and outdoor recreation studies and she has taught at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels on tourism, outdoor recreation and management modules. Her research focuses on the experiences of adventure participants. Her primary research focuses on women’s barriers to climbing and mountaineering and the benefits they gain from participationAdditional projects include an investigation of women’s representation in adventure media and the impact adventure activities have on women’s well-being. 

Adele previously was a snowboard instructor in America and is an enthusiast of the outdoors which has inspired her area of research. In addition to being on ATRA’s steering committeeAdele is also a committee member of theOutdoor Recreation Research Groupwhich is a group of Sheffield Hallam University research experts with an expertise in diverse areas of the outdoor recreation sector. 

For updates on Adele’s research and other information please her visit:

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Tove Dahl

Tove I. Dahl is a Professor of Educational Psychology at UiT The Arctic University of Norway. She is an educational psychologist who delights in learning, motivation, language and culture, with particular interest in how we grow when outside the classroom, be it on our own, in particular situations or places, while enjoying the outdoors or traveling, or in interaction with people from other cultures.  Consistent throughout her career has been her focus on the special place language and literacy have in our lives — for information, pleasure, insight and connection.  Most recently, though, her focus has been on the nature of interest, courage and adventure with an eye on how they can provide new perspectives on learning.

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Jelena Farkic

Jelena is a lecturer at the Events and Hospitality Management subject area at the University of Greenwich. Prior to joining Greenwich, she gained experience through work in both academia and tourism industry. She was appointed as head of tourism product development sector at the Tourism Organisation of Novi Sad in Serbia, a programme leader for MSc Ecotourism course at the University of the Highlands and Islands in Scotland, as well as a lecturer at the Faculty of Sport and Tourism in Serbia.

Jelena currently explores the interplay between subjective wellbeing and slow adventure, forest bathing (shinrin-yoku) and idleness. She takes a humanistic, interdisciplinary approach to exploring various aspects of being – a human, a tourist, a service provider, a consumer, a customer.

Jelena has acted as a coordinator of the ATRA’s activities and has undertaken the organisation of the annual International Adventure Conference since 2015.

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