Conference venue

The conference is being held at the Guadarrama Mountains Range National Park, the latest Spanish national park.  Three venues will be combined, contributing their own charms:  Valsain, a little village in the centre of a large pine forest; Segovia, a World Heritage City; and the Royal Site of San Ildefonso; all of them located within 15 kilometres of each other, and one hour away from Madrid airport by car, by train or by bus.

The University Campus of Segovia (UVa) will welcome us the first evening. It will allow us to visit the World Heritage Site of Segovia and meet all the delegates in a fun and informal welcome session.  The National Centre for Environmental Education will be the main venue, for next two days. It will allow us to combine academic sessions with outdoor experiences.  Finally, the Royal Site of San Ildefonso will let enjoy us a unique combination of luxury and nature.

Winter here is white, yellow and green: snow in the mountains, the limestone of both the crags and the old town and the enveloping forest await you. Change your perceptions of Spain!