PhD position in Innovation and Regional Development – Norway

We are looking for candidates who want to study innovation, entrepreneurship and regional development processes.

At the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences, University College of Western Norway (HVL), there are up to 4 PhD positions in “Innovation and Regional Development”. The scholarship positions are part of the College of Western Norway’s new interdisciplinary PhD initiative “Responsible Innovation and Regional Development”.

This is a research programme that explores how value creation and community development can be promoted and realised in parallel with a green shift and continuation of the welfare society. The program is aimed at both business innovation and innovation in the public sector. The starting point of the programme is a comprehensive understanding of innovation where the practice, organisational and technological conditions, as well as societal implications of innovation, are the subject of critical discussion and analysis.

The fellows will have their jobs at the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences. The workplaces can be on one of the campuses: Bergen, Haugesund or Sogndal.

Topics in this call are:

Responsible green innovation
Innovation processes in the public sector
Organization and management of innovation processes
Social innovation and the green shift
Regional development, social economy and green restructuring

Area of responsibility and work:

Further information on the qualifications and the doctoral program can be found at this link.


The PhD candidate must be part of an approved doctoral degree program within a time frame of 4 years.
25% of the time will be compulsory work in the form of teaching, development work or administration.
Deductions will be made during the appointment period for any previous recruitment period.

**Teaching and writing the thesis will be in English language.

For more info please get in touch with [email protected]

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